Cleaning of mechanical precision parts for clean room assembly

Julkaistu 06.02.2017
NTS Mechatronics B.V. in Eindhoven assembles mechatronic systems for the medical, semiconductor, graphical, solar and Nano industry. NTS Mechatronics B.V. distinguishes itself form others in the market by focussing on process stability.

High demands for cleanliness

High precision and quality are vital in NTS Mechatronics’ assembly process. Roy Loonen, Project Manager at NTS Mechatronics B.V., explains: “The parts must be completely free of any contamination before they can be processed further.” After machining the stainless steel, aluminium, titanium or plastic parts are heavily contaminated. FinnSonic developed and built an aqueous ultrasonic cleaning system for removing oil, cooling fluid, fingerprints and particles from the NTS Mechatronic’s parts. To prevent recontamination in the drying step, incoming air is filtered through a HEPA-filter.

FinnSonic Versa Genius with strip curtain

FinnSonic Versa Genius with a strip curtain for controlling airflow in the clean room.

Stable results

In order to achieve constant and high level of cleanliness, the customer chose an automatically driven multi-basket transport system. The stability of the cleaning and rinsing liquids is of great importance. Hence all cleaning tanks are equipped with surface skimming, filtration and automatic dosing of both water and detergent. The rinse tanks are automatically refreshed for reaching optimal cleanliness.

Limited load of the clean room

To limit the load of the clean room to a minimum, the work is separated in to three zones.
The first zone is the loading zone. Parts to be cleaned are transferred in the baskets with the load conveyors into the machine.

All baths of the cleaning line are located in the second zone. The completely closed housing with tight seal secures air leaks in between the machine and clean room.

The third zone contains hot air dryers. An automatic hatch on the unload conveyor prevents transfer of heat to the clean room allowing the cleaned parts to be kept in excellent condition.

NTS Mechatronics FinnSonic Versa Genius ultrasonic cleaning line three zones

FinnSonic Versa Genius with three zones for limiting the load of the clean room.

Roy Loonen´s decision to choose FinnSonic as a supplier was based on the knowhow of the sales and flexibility of the system to adjust it according to NTS Mechatronic’s wishes. The final point was the price/quality ratio in comparison to other suppliers.

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Founded in 1979, FinnSonic is a company that is an expert in ultrasonic cleaning and fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI). The company develops and manufactures solutions for demanding industrial parts cleaning needs and NDT systems in Lahti, Finland. The aim is to develop intelligent, safe and cost efficient solutions to meet customer needs. Over 80% of the production goes to global exports. The clientele includes, among others, British Airways, Emirates Airline, GE Aviation, Finnair, Hella, Metso, Parker, Scania, Sandvik and Siemens.