FinnSonic - Expert in demanding industrial cleaning and inspection

Cleaner, safer, smarter

FinnSonic offers its customers intelligent, safe and cost-effective solutions for demanding cleaning of parts and fluorescent penetrant inspection requirements. FinnSonic has been serving its customers for 40 years, and during that time our customer base has been joined by a number of internationally well known, successful top companies in their field. Our durable products and systems are in use in over 30 countries.

We offer component cleaning and FPI solutions

  • to the aviation and it´s maintenance industry
  • for the automotive and marine industries
  • hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical transmission solutions
  • after machining, pre surface handling and at the finishing stages of
  • maintenance washing

Vesa Nurminen

“We are constantly working to provide our customers with increasingly cost-effective, user-friendly and safer devices for today's and tomorrow's needs.”
Vesa Nurminen, Chairman of the Board

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