FinnSonic Oy's story began in 1979. At that time, the Tolkki brothers in Lahti and Peter Wagner, German-born, founded Oy Ultrasonic Finland Ab. The company's business idea was to manufacture and sell ultrasonic cleaners for the Finnish market and for export. The company initially operated in Lahti, on Vipusenkatu.


The company's first product was a small orange plastic shelled ultrasonic cleaner, which was sold in addition to the domestic market. To Germany and Australia.

In the 1980s, strong investment in product development began. Already, the first fully automated washing lines were delivered. The company was renamed FinnSonic Oy in 1989.

In the 21st century, the focus has been on both modular and customer-tailored ultrasonic washing lines. Today, FinnSonic is also developing fluorescent penetrant inspection lines for the aviation industry.

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