Fluorescent penetrant inspection and cleaning solutions for aviation industry and MRO

FinnSonic FPI solutions

FPI inspection

FinnSonic's NDT/FPI lines have been approved in the aviation industry for both manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO). Solutions based on the FPI method are one of FinnSonic's areas of core competence. This method is suitable for the inspection of most airplane parts.

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FinnSonic aviation cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions

Ultrasonic cleaning is an excellent solution for most cleaning needs required in parts production (OEM) and service (MRO) in the aviation sector. Its undisputed advantages are a precise and even cleaning result, short cycle times and cost-efficiency. FinnSonic has almost 40 years of solid experience in the design and construction of cleaning lines based on a range of technologies.

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FinnSonic aviation solutions

FinnSonic applications

FinnSonic's applications in the aviation industry and in MRO are suitable for inspecting and cleaning aerostructures, engine parts, wheel hubs, brakes and landing gear parts.

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FinnSonic aviation references


FinnSonic's smart technical solutions and reliable equipment have consolidated its positions as an equipment supplier to the world's leading aviation companies.

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