Cleaning of mechanized aluminium fuselage parts before and after non-destructive testing

The non-destructive testing process requires a chemically clean and dry surface, extending up to any possible cracks. Cleanliness is determined using e.g. the water break test. Parts can range widely in size and shape: from small parts cleaned in small insert baskets to fuselage parts measuring several metres in length. The geometry of some parts can pose a challenge and require special treatment.

In FinnSonic cleaning solutions, parts are processed in cleaning racks which ensure that the parts remain in place and are not scratched. During the cleaning process, jet cleaning technology can be used in the pre-cleaning phase, which is then followed by the ultrasonic cleaning phase. During the DI rinsing phase, various types of residue are rinsed away leaving a chemically clean surface.

For processing challenging details we offer a manual intervention both, wherein the operator can rinse and dry details using a hand-held pistol. The last phase is drying using a re-circulating hot air dryer. The advanced control system allows for e.g. the precise management of temperatures and process data logging. As we are FPI process specialists, you can trust that our cleaning solutions meet strict FPI requirements.

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