A cleaning line for airplane wheel and brake repair stations

FinnSonic's solution is multipurpose

  • A cleaning line which can wash e.g. wheel bearings, bolts and screws, as well as brake parts in a single, centralised place
  • The first tank is designed to spray wash the bearings with a solution. It features spray nozzles aimed at the bearings and the bearing rack is moved vertically during the cleaning.
  • The second tank in the line is an ultrasonic bath for the water-based cleaning of bolts, screws and other small parts.
  • The third tank in the line is for rinsing detergent residue from small parts after ultrasonic cleaning. Parts can also be treated with rust prevention at this stage.
  • The cleaning line can be equipped with a manually controlled pneumatic-assisted hoist, which makes it easy and ergonomic to lift and move cleaning baskets and racks.
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Cleaning of bearings