An automatic FPI process line for jet engine parts

FinnSonic turbine FPI solution

Features of the FinnSonic application

  • A high-capacity FPI process that allows for several objects to be processed at once either in baskets, or individually in purpose-designed racks.
  • The automatic conveyor processes several baskets simultaneously while the machine's automation takes care of the treatment phase of each process while minimizing the need for labour
  • Automatic monitoring of jet pressure, treatment temperatures and treatment times removes the risk of human error from the FPI process
  • Spraying an electrostatic penetrant liquid and developer onto the objects guarantees an even result and low chemical consumption
  • Automatic data collection means that data from every processed batch can be inspected afterwards to ensure quality
  • An FPI line can also be equipped with a pre-cleaning process and post-inspection cleaning process. The cleaning utilizes FinnSonic's Genius ultrasound technology
  • The machine's safety casing reduces noise and prevents vapours and smells from spreading into the production environment. In addition to the casing, the machine can also be equipped with a vapour extractor which means that there is no need to attach a separate ventilation system to the line.