FinnSonic Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Solutions for Non-destructive testing

FinnSonic's fluorescent Penetrant Inspection lines have been approved in the aviation for both manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO). Solutions based on the FPI method are one of FinnSonic's areas of expertise. This method is suitable for the inspection of most airplane parts.

FinnSonic is a licensed GE Aviation supplier.

FinnSonic & Galvatek partnership in Aviation

FinnSonic’s partner in turnkey projects for the aerospace industry is Galvatek, specialist of surface treatment and waste water treatment plants.

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FinnSonic Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection - Solutions for Manufacturing and MRO

FinnSonic FPI

FinnSonic FPI concepts

FinnSonic has a wide range of FPI concepts for various NDT needs in the aviation industry. Our solutions highlight process safety, traceability, and smart technical implementation that takes customers’ needs into account.

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FinnSonic FPI

About FPI non-destructive testing

Fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) involves the application of fluorescent dye to the surface of an object in order to detect any possible faults.

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