FinnSonic FPI concepts

FinnSonic has a wide range of FPI concepts for various NDT / FPI needs in the aviation industry.

Benefits of FinnSonic's FPI concepts

  • automatic monitoring of process parameters
  • a smart combination of automation and manual parts handling reduces labour costs
  • traceability and reliability of inspection
  • small footprint
  • low operational costs
  • durable and reliable
  • user-friendly ergonomics

FinnSonic fluorescent penetrant inspection line with pre cleaning ensures process safety

Below are some examples of FinnSonic's FPI concepts. Read more in our FPI brochure.

FinnSonic manual FPI line

Manual roll track spray line for compact spaces

FinnSonic manual chain hoist line

Manual dual-process chain hoist line

FinnSonic manual FPI line

Manual line for inspecting large objects

FinnSonic automatic FPI line

Automatic line with integrated pre- and post-wash

FinnSonic automated FPI line

FPI line with automatic conveyor

FinnSonic high-capasity immersion line

An automated high-capacity immersion line