15.11.2021First Dedicated Automated Engine Bearing Cleaning System
16.03.2021Introducing our new multitalented FinnSonic Sonett
16.03.2020Coronavirus COVID-19 measures
30.01.2020Visit us at Singapore Air Show
28.11.2019The importance of clean parts in the electric car manufacturing industry challenges equipment suppliers
04.11.2019Visit us at the Dubai Airshow 2019!
27.05.201940-year-old FinnSonic participates in afforestation in Africa
14.05.2019FinnSonic completes a major aviation project for Europe’s newest aircraft engine repair facility
11.04.2019Greetings from MRO Americas, Atlanta
06.02.2019The popular FinnSonic M series has been updated
31.01.2019Ultrasonic Cleaning is the Future for Fiber Spinnerets
03.07.2018FinnSonic Oy announces new leadership
03.04.2018Visit us at again at MRO Americas 2018 in Orlando, Florida, April 10-12!
19.02.2018Thank you for visiting us at Singapore Air Show 2018
23.01.2018Meet us at Singapore Airshow 2018 - Asia´s Largest Aerospace and Defence event 6.2.-11.2.2018
23.08.2017FinnSonic granted an ISO 9001:2015 certificate
11.05.2017Thank you for visiting us at MRO Americas 2017!
28.04.2017Toyo Glass Co. invests in ultrasonic mould cleaning in Japan
16.03.2017Meet us at MRO Americas in Orlando 2017
06.02.2017Cleaning of mechanical precision parts for clean room assembly
07.12.2016Maintenance 2017, Antwerp, Belgium
16.06.2016FinnSonic Optima cleans 30 million parts per year at EKK Eagle
29.12.2015Marioff Corporation boosted its production with ultrasonic cleaning
24.11.2015Aviation giants rely on the technology of Finnish FinnSonic
13.05.2015New generation of FinnSonic Versa ultrasonic cleaning line launched
22.04.2015Bulk Wax Removing from 3D Printed Parts – Promising Test Results
16.04.2015Kemet International joins the FinnSonic distributor network
02.04.2015New FinnSonic company brochure
08.09.2014Cooperation between DASS Aero Engine Services Limited (DAES) and FinnSonic
12.06.2014Mould Cleaning with Traverse
03.02.201435th anniversary, FinnSonic on all continents
15.10.2013FinnSonic licensed supplier for GE Aviation