Better cleaning results with FinnSonic equipment

Published on 07.12.2020

Tasowheel Systems Oy has been very pleased with their earlier FinnSonic cleaning line purchases and they are now investing in a new Versa Genius+ 120 manual line to reach better cleaning results in the manufacturing of the paper and board industry.

Tasowheel Systems designs and produces solutions for CD profiling, as well as components, spare parts and maintenance services for paper and board processes. Excellent cleanliness is required in the manufacturing process. FinnSonic equipment is for cleaning the gluing surfaces of parts, which must be clean in order to function and pass the approval. Tasowheel was already achieving clean parts, but the new line is giving even better results, which in turn raises the quality level of Tasowheel’s parts, thus growing the business. We at FinnSonic are proud to be helping to achieve a demanding level of cleanliness.

“FinnSonic's ability to solve problems in cleanliness and the knowledge of ultrasonic cleaning were important criteria when choosing the supplier” reports Tasowheel Systems.