Excellent cleanliness for the metal industry with standard ultrasonic equipment

Published on 18.11.2021

FennoSteel Oy has bought a FinnSonic Corus 480 ultrasonic unit and rinsing unit for cleaning pipe parts (even for pipe parts that are cut with laser). Ultrasound reaches even the inside of bended pipes and cleans the blind holes. This feature of ultrasonic cleaning made the FennoSteel’s investment significant since this will produce more sales possibilities for them. FennoSteel Oy is the largest automotive exhaust system and thin wall tube manufacturer in Scandinavia.

“FinnSonic's know-how and service were good from the beginning, and our questions were answered well as the sales process moved along. Also, the cleaning trial was conducted with our own parts thus giving us great results” says Keijo Lahtinen from FennoSteel Oy. The operators at FennoSteel have also been pleased with the easy usability of the equipment.