Toyo Glass Co. invests in ultrasonic mould cleaning in Japan

Published on 28.04.2017
FinnSonic Oy will deliver a multistage Optima ultrasonic cleaning line to Toyo Glass’s production plant located in Shiga, in the western part of Honshu Island. This plant produces high-quality glass containers for Japanese and overseas customers.

TOYO GLASS Co., a leading manufacturer of glass containers in Japan. The company has been producing quality glass for more than 120 years since 1888. The extensive know-how, technology and engineering in the glass manufacturing from raw materials to finished products are their valuable assets.

Glass mould cleaning with ultrasound

Glass moulds from left to right: before cleaning /cleaned in FinnSonic Optima

In the production process of the glass containers, burnt-on carbon will accumulate on the mould surfaces. Toyo Glass has so far used sand blasting for cleaning the glass moulds. “We needed another method because sand blasting is destructive to the mould surface. We believe that ultrasonic cleaning will bring us considerable savings in the production costs because the lifetime of the moulds will likely be doubled. The new method meets also our cleanliness requirements well”, says General Manager Mr. Hiroyuki Nakamura.

Cleaning tests of glass moulds in FinnSonic Cleaning center

General Manager Hiroyuki Nakamura (left) with his staff, FinnSonic’s Sales Manager Olli-Pekka Arhosuo and Project Engineer Mari Rainikka checking the results of cleaning trials at FinnSonic cleaning center.

FinnSonic Optima ultrasonic cleaning line

FinnSonic Optima ultrasonic cleaning line ready for precision cleaning in Toyo Glass’s Shiga production plant.

More about FinnSonic ultrasonic cleaning lines

Founded in 1979, FinnSonic is a company that is an expert in ultrasonic cleaning and fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI). The company designs and manufactures solutions for demanding industrial parts cleaning and fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) in Lahti, Finland. The aim is to develop intelligent, safe and cost efficient solutions to meet customer needs. Over 80% of the production goes to global exports. The clientele includes, among others, British Airways, Emirates Airline, GE Aviation, Finnair, Hella, Metso, Parker, Scania, Sandvik and Siemens.