FinnSonic industrial detergents

A complete process solution for your application

FinnSonic offers a wide range of washing detergents for almost any industrial application. Our applications expertise and process testing services are at customer’s disposal for defining the right process, equipment and detergents. FinnSonic support services will help with the process control during the production process. The quality remains high with the right control procedure and equipment.


The right detergent plays a key role in achieving the desired level of cleanliness

Main criteria for choosing the detergent

  • Contamination
  • Base material
  • Cleanliness requirement
  • Cleaning technique
  • Health, safety and environmental factors

FinnSonic Cavitec industrial detergents

New FinnSonic Cavitec – high performance, economical, safe

  • High performance
  • Economical
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Complete process solution from one supplier
  • Process testing services
  • Application support services
  • Compatibility tested with FinnSonic equipment

ContaminationBase material
Organic residue that has burned on the surface of the material, grease

Tool and mould maintenance cleaning

FinnSonic Cavitec HD Pro
Cutting fluids, chip residues
Steel, cast iron, zinc, aluminum, brass, copper
FinnSonic Cavitec Multi
Polishing waxes, grease
Copper, light metals, their alloys, different steels, plastic
FinnSonic Cavitec Basio
Oxide layers, lime scale deposits
Ferrous metals, light alloys
FinnSonic Cavitec Disco

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Other FinnSonic industrial chemicals

FinnSonic PSF 7E is a ready to use, biodegradable paint removal for metal parts and tools. It is developed especially for maintenance cleaning of paint, urethane and resin.

FinnSonic PSF A is ready to use activator for paint removal.

FinnSonic DST chemicals, alkaline, neutral or acid, are optimal for cleaning after thermal deburring.

FinnSonic detergents overview