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Save energy, environment and increase productivity with FinnSonic Retrofit

  • Turn your FinnSonic cleaning line more environmentally friendly and save energy.
  • Increase productivity up to 50% with our software update.
  • Improve the safety system to modern standards.
  • Add years to the life-cycle of your cleaning line with modernization.
  • Reduce downtime.

Modernizing a cleaning or FPI line is fast and worthwhile

Update your old cleaning or FPI line with FinnSonic Retrofit. Automated line control systems, basket transfer systems, ultrasonic transducers and generators can be upgraded. Safety-related factors can also be upgraded to meet today’s standards .

Liquid volumes can be reduced, the exhaust air made cleaner and energy consumption reduced making the unit more environmentally friendly.

Software update can increase the capacity of the machine by up to 50% by updating Single Basket Transport to Multi Basket Transport.

A security system with modern standards improves the safety of the device for the operator and environment.

The life cycle of your cleaning line is increased by up to 50 %, making it more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient investment than purchasing a new equipment .

Improved Data collection provides detailed information on parameters and potential problems for each wash batch.

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The risks and downtime are reduced

There are risks associated with the old control system such as that the components of the control system are no longer available. In this case, breakage of components may cause an equipment stoppage for a long time.

A managed control system upgrade requires only a brief break in production. Typically, modernization projects upgrade automated line control systems, basket transfer systems, and safety-related factors. Ultrasonic transducers and generators can also be upgraded.

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Fast and cost-efficient update process

The modernization project can be completed on a very fast schedule and short downtime.

First we define the scope of modernization and renewable components. Drawings and software design are updated, parts installed and then tested. You will be up and running in no time with modernized cleaning or FPI line.

For additional information contact our service team. They can help you with any questions and give specific answers regarding your cleaning machine or line.

Download a PDF about cleaning unit and FPI modernization.