FinnSonic Optisol for solvent cleaning

FinnSonic Optisol  with automatic loading

FinnSonic Optisol is an optimal solution for cleaning large quantities of small parts with inner holes and channels.

Parts cleaning

Parts cleaning

Multi-stage single chamber solvent cleaning machines

Finnsonic Optisol solvent cleaning machines are designed for environmentally-friendly and efficient cleaning and drying of basket goods, typically turned or milled bulk, contaminated by oil and swarf. All cleaning stages are performed under full vacuum to ensure that no solvents escapes during operation. Integrated distiller and filters makes the consumption of solvents very low, typically 1 % per year.

The cleaning process is done in a closed vacuum chamber. Optisol is equipped with basket rotation and  with an optional ultrasonic agitation.   

Cleaning fluids are AIII class solvents, such as hydrocarbons or modified alcohols, or chlorinated solvents, such as perchlorethylene. The solvents are continuously refreshed by distillation.

FinnSonic Optisol 

  • excellent cleaning results
  • consistent cleaning quality
  • low running costs
  • very low emissions due to vacuum technology
  • small footprint
  • safe and user friendly operation

FinnSonic Optisol KP – H/MA model


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