Ultrasonic cleaning machines

Ultrasonic cleaning is a cost effective way to remove contamination from complicated parts' surfaces.

FinnSonic M ultrasonic cleaners

Our ultrasonic cleaners are engineered for demanding professionals. The intelligent FinnSonic ultrasonic cleaning solutions add cost savings in production, as well as in a vast number of maintenance applications. Laboratories rely on FinnSonic quality devices.

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FinnSonic MI ultrasonic cleaning machines

FinnSonic MI is a compact and fast solution to conventional industrial parts cleaning needs. Operating the unit, cleaning and maintenance of the machine is simple and effortless. MI series’ modules are made of stainless steel for demanding conditions and heavy use.

An optimal washing results can often be achieved with a single-step ultrasonic treatment. An MI machine can be expanded into a modular multi-stage washing system, if needed. The washing process can be sped up with a host of options, thus creating even more cost savings.

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FinnSonic Corus ultrasonic cleaning machines

FinnSonic Corus cleans even the most demanding parts, tools and moulds efficiently and saves working hours. Superior cleaning result is achieved with reduced manual input, moulds and tools are longer productive and working conditions get safer.

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