FinnSonic Corus Activa ultrasonic cleaning units with load platform

FinnSonic Corus Activa ultrasonic cleaning machine

Safe and powerful maintenance cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is an extremely useful method for industrial maintenance cleaning. It cleans gently the hardest impurities from complex parts with only the minimal manual intervention. The cleaning process is safe in an enclosed space. It is also environmentally friendly with no need for harsh chemicals and with low energy and water consumption.

FinnSonic Corus Activa is optimized for industrial maintenance cleaning of complex parts. Corus Activa models are equipped with a truly robust integrated load platform. Sturdy platform makes loading and unloading of parts easy and safe. Platform also provides dunking movement during treatment cycle, which results in faster and more uniform cleaning with ultrasound.

Examples of maintenance cleaning applications

  • Filters, sieves, heat exchangers
  • Vehicle repair: turbochargers, cylinder heads, gearbox parts
  • Mechanical industry: bearings, blades, nozzles, valves, sensors
  • Process industry: valves, nozzles, seals, measuring devices, pump parts, pneumatic and hydraulic parts

 Industrial maintenance cleaning Industrial maintenance cleaning 

Main benefits of FinnSonic Corus Activa

Streamlined and cost-efficient maintenance process of complex parts

  • Short cleaning process
  • Superior cleaning results with ultrasonic cleaning
  • Reduced manual labour
  • Water-based and an energy-efficient process

Safe and easy operation

  • The load platform makes the handling easy
  • An insulated lid keeps the heat in the tank
  • Pneumatic actuation (optional) of the lid makes the operation safe and comfortable

Easy and efficient operation

Finnsonic Corus Activa ultrasonic cleaning machine features

FinnSonic Corus Activa models

 Corus Activa 240
 Corus Activa 360
 Corus Activa 480
 Load platform dimensions and usable height
 800 x 500 x h400 mm
 1100 x 600 x h400 mm
 1250 x 700 x h650 mm
 Load capacity
 250 kg
 250 kg
 500 kg
 Tank capacity
 309 l
 498 l
 898 l
 Ultrasonic effect (nominal)
 2.4 kW
 3.6 kW
 4.8 kW
 Heating effect
 12 kW
 15 kW
 30 kW

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