Powerful removal of oil and dust from large engine parts

  • Best cleaning result
  • Cost efficient with large components
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safe and environmentally friendly

Corus-960 2 web

FinnSonic Corus Bravea is making your industrial parts cleaning easy with a single tank and powerful ultrasonic technology. Parts up to 1000kg can be cleaned safe and easy with top quality results. 

We will help you to get the best results in cleanliness with our tested and well proven solutions with FinnSonic Corus Bravea. It is designed to clean large objects with the best result in short time and with low energy consumption.


Easy to clean examples

  • Large industry screen
  • Ship engine maintenance cleaning (e.g. intercoolers)
  • Large turbine wheels
  • Roll slitters
  • Pumps

Main Benefits

  • High quality tank from durable materials and components
  • The most cost-efficient large tank for ultrasonic cleaning
  • 5-year limited warranty to Ultrasonic PZT transducers *
  • Quick delivery with standard components

*More detailed information on warranty from FinnSonic Sales Terms.

Advanced ultrasonic technology makes cleaning powerful and cost effective. Ultrasonic reaches even the smallest holes and complex shapes, cleaning with best results without damaging the parts.

Large tank for large industry parts cleaning

Picture: FinnSonic Corus Bravea made for cleaning large ship engine intercoolers

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