FinnSonic MI ultrasonic cleaning machines

FinnSonic MI ultrasonic cleaning machines

Peak performance for precision cleaning

FinnSonic MI is a compact and fast solution to conventional industrial parts cleaning needs. Operating the unit, cleaning and maintenance of the machine is simple and effortless. MI series’ modules are made of stainless steel for demanding conditions and heavy use.

Ultrasonic cleaning is sufficient for typical maintenance needs. An MI machine can be expanded into a modular multi-stage washing system, if needed. The washing process can be enhanced with a host of options, thus creating even more cost savings.

Clean parts

Up to 50 % shorter treatment times with FinnSonic MI ultrasonic machines

The good level of cleanliness achieved with FinnSonic MI series machines is based on an efficient ultrasound. The transducers can be mounted either to the base or to the sides of the tank, as needed. The ultrasound can thus be optimally targeted for more efficient cleaning.

Main benefits
  • The new Finn Sonic ultrasonic technology provides constant maximum performance
    • Automatic measuring of load - frequency and power regulation
    • Fully digital generator – well-adjusted and energy efficient
    • Advanced diagnostics – performance monitoring and service capabilities
    • Top level of cleanliness
  • Quick wash process
  • Good ergonomics in manual handling of lightweight items
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Compact design, small footprint

 FinnSonic MI range
 Tank dimensions mm
Max load kg
 M80I 540 x 290 x 310
 M120I 540 x 400 x 360
 M160I 1110 x 280 x 310
 M160I 2400
 1110 x 280 x 310