The powerful FinnSonic M ultrasonic cleaners

FinnSonic M series NEW

The compactly designed FinnSonic M series ultrasonic cleaners effectively remove hard to shift dirt and stains from even the fiddliest of items. The M series is the ideal choice for professional cleaning of small-to-medium sized items in small batches. It is perfect for maintenance cleaning in healthcare settings, opticians, laboratories, jewellery work, and in electronics and other industries.

FinnSonic M series for maintenance cleaning

The stand-out features of the FinnSonic M series are its cleaning power, durability, safety, and user-friendly design

  • Heat up the cleaning agent and choose between the Degas and Boost modes to further increase the strength of clean.
  • The PreSet function allows users to save preferred time, temperature, and ultrasonic mode settings.
  • Automated shutdown increases safety
  • Stainless steel casing and drainage valve

 M series model sizes
 M3 M12 M30
 Internal dimensions of the tank (mm)
 235 x 134 x 97 (h)
 297 x 238 x 200 (h)
 500 x 298 x 200 (h)
 Tank volume (litres)
 1,9 9,0 20,6

Video about FinnSonic M range cleaners