FinnSonic Versa Genius+

Precision cleaning solutions for manufacturing industries

FinnSonic Versa Genius+ represents the fourth generation of our popular Versa range. Its latest incarnation offers even better cleaning results – with advancements in areas like particle cleanliness, automation features and aesthetics.

FinnSonic Versa Genius+ ultrasonic cleaning line

Ultrasonic cleaning is an extremely useful method for demanding industrial cleaning

  • Cleans even the hardest impurities from complex parts fast with only the minimal manual intervention
  • Gentle – non-abrasive to the base material
  • Safe – controlled process in an enclosed space without splashing into the workspace
  • Environmentally friendly – no harsh chemicals, low energy and water consumption

FinnSonic Versa Genius+ Improves Production Flow and Reduces Operational Costs

Cleaner – all aspects of construction and functionality aim for optimal cleaning results

  • Minimized particle emission from machine
  • Variety of powerful cleaning techniques
  • Bath maintenance ensures process stability

Safer – careful consideration of environmental, health and safety aspects

  • Reduced water and energy consumption
  • High level of protection from hazards
  • High level operator ergonomics

Smarter – maximizing productivity, while minimizing operating costs, automatically

  • Increased throughput
  • Lower detergent and wastewater costs
  • Automatic optimization
FinnSonic Versa Genius+ 120 ultrasonic cleaning

Main characteristics

FinnSonic Versa Genius+ cleaning lines can include washing, rinsing and drying modules and their options. The scope can range from a single manually operated unit to a fully automatic multi-stage line. Either way, they are all based on the robust treatment tank modules.

  • Modular construction – flexible configuration for optimal cleaning results
  • Tank sizes ranging from 46 to 180 litres
  • Total load capacity ranging from 15 to 50 kg
  • Manual and fully automated solutions available

Main applications

  • Precision cleaning
  • Machinery components cleaning according to a cleanliness standard
  • Surface preparation and finishing of metal products
  • Tool and mould cleaning in maintenance

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 FinnSonic Versa Genius+ main applications FinnSonic Versa Genius+ main applications FinnSonic Versa Genius+ main applications FinnSonic Versa Genius+ main applications

Operating principle of an automatic Versa line