Original FinnSonic ultrasonic technology

FinnSonic ultrasonic components and systems provide a first class solution for retrofit and OEM.

  • An ultrasonic solution consists of two main parts: the ultrasonic generator that generates the electrical high frequency power signal and the submersible ultrasonic transducer box that transforms the electric signal into mechanical vibration, resulting in cavitation in the wash liquid.
  • Depending on the power level, the solution may consist of several generators and transducer boxes of various unit sizes that best match with customer requirements.
  • FinnSonic ultrasonic components are perfect for OEM’s. A component-based solution enables embedding the ultrasonic agitation into the fabric of your own equipment.
  • FinnSonic ultrasonic systems are ideal for retrofitting ultrasonic agitation into an existing wash tank. They come complete with a ventilated electric cabinet and controls for easy installation and start-up.
  • Both ultrasonic components and systems solutions are designed by FinnSonic specialists in order to achieve optimized power distribution and improved cleaning results for your application.

FinnSonic ultrasonic solutions

  • The power ranges from 300 W to in excess of 30 kW - the right power level for your application
  • An extensive range of transducer box designs - optimal fit and power distribution
  • Systems are complete with ventilated electric cabinet and controls – easy installation and long service life
  • 20, 30 and 40 kHz frequencies are available, while 30 kHz is commonly recommended for general cleaning

FinnSonic Genius ultrasonic generators

FinnSonic Genius ultrasonic generator

  • Automatic adaptation of generator parameters - constant maximum performance
  • Constant measuring of the load – frequency and power regulation
  • Fully digital technology – nimble and energy efficient
  • Advanced diagnostics – performance monitoring and service capabilities
  • Power Booster – additional cleaning power
  • Frequency Sweep – uniform cleaning results

FinnSonic submersible ultrasonic transducer boxes

Ultrasonic transducer boxes
  • Sandwich type piezoceramic transducer elements
  • Standard box material AISI 316L, special materials available
  • Transducer bonding with additional limited guarantee
  • Extensive range of standard sizes
  • Fixing through tank wall or over the tank edge
  • Optional mounting racks for easy installation

Main applications

  • Cleaning tanks in surface treatment lines
  • Cleaning lines for special purposes, e.g. food industry
  • Integrated cleaning systems in industrial processing equipment

Special applications

  • Transducer bonding directly on customers tanks
  • Plate, tubular, custom shape transducers
  • FinnSonic 20 kHz low erosion technology for systems with extensive operating hour requirements.