Cleaning after thermal deburring (TEM)

The thermal deburring method removes burrs even from the interior surfaces of components, but the parts remain covered with metallic particles, oxide layers and residues from combustion. This contamination is difficult to remove with traditional cleaning methods but FinnSonic's cleaning system provides a cost-effective solution with good cleanliness results.


An automatic FinnSonic line for cleaning a max 30kg batch of hydraulic components after thermal deburring

FinnSonic cleaning solutions include a combination of various agitation technologies for effectively removing contamination. Together with optimized process chemicals and parameters, this guarantees a high level of component cleanliness after thermal deburring - even when there are strict requirements for fast, high-capacity cleaning. An automated FinnSonic cleaning system can provide a clean batch of components after thermal deburring in just 10 minutes.

Part after TEM

Together with vertical agitation, FinnSonic’s SonicJet technology even allows for the cleaning of parts with complex structures and cavities. The cleaning processes can be adjusted to achieve excellent results with steel and cast iron parts. FinnSonic cleaning lines are typically equipped with corrosion protection and drying stages to provide the necessary finishing for the cleaning process.

FinnSonic cleaning systems can be fully automated to require minimal operator involvement during the following operations: bath refilling, detergent dosing, rinse water refreshing, process control and material handling throughout the entire cleaning process.

FinnSonic cleaning after TEM

An automatic FinnSonic line for cleaning a max 350kg batch of hydraulic components after thermal deburring