Cleaning before coating

PVD coating (Physical Vapour Depositing) is increasingly used to achieve the desired wear, temperature and friction properties for materials. The coating is always applied to a clean surface. Any particle or chemical residues will cause defects in the coating, thus leading to process failures and rejection. The FinnSonic solution ensures effective cleaning of the various contaminants both quickly and cost-efficiently.

Perfect cleaning quality, minimum rejection rate

A proven cleaning solution prior to PVD coating is a FinnSonic multistage automated cleaning line. Cutting fluids, metal particles, and abrasive and salt residues are cleaned in the alkaline stages. Any discolouration or corrosion is removed in the acidic stage. Tap water rinsing after each active stage, as well as cascade rinsing with high quality demineralized water prior to drying are essential for achieving completely residue-free surfaces. Cobalt leaching and corrosion are prevented through the careful selection of cleaning chemicals. FinnSonic's smart process control adjusts critical treatment times for the most sensitive parts.

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FinnSoncic precision cleaning