Perfect cleaning quality prior to PVD coating

Cleaning prior to pvd coating

Do you need completely residue-free surfaces before PVD coating?
FinnSonic helps you achieve higher end product quality and greater production efficiency demanded by today’s coating business.

Perfect cleaning quality with minimum rejection rate

  • Excellent cleaning quality
  • Completely residue free surfaces
  • Minimum rejection rate

Intelligent ultrasonic unit removes oils, discoloration, residue and particles from the most complex parts and shapes. Even the most sensitive parts can be handled.

Precision cleaning lines to match today’s criteria for cleanliness

Providing you with the right equipment and best knowledge on how to remove oils, heat discoloration, prevent corrosion forming during storage, prevent spot formation in final rinsing, and avoid cobalt leaching.

Unique ultrasonic technology will provide optimal cleaning effect

  • Achieve completely residue-free surfaces
  • Prevent cobalt leaching and corrosion
  • Remove discolouration or corrosion
  • Handle even the most sensitive parts

FinnSonic multistage automated cleaning line is altered specific to your company’s needs.

Smart cleaning programs with automatic cleaning lines are made according to your needs with modular units for building cleaning, rinsing, drying steps, and water treatment. A proven cleaning solution prior to PVD coating is a FinnSonic multistage automated cleaning line.

Cleaning technology

  • Unique ultrasonic technology with automatic tuning provides optimal cleaning effect.
  • Cleanliness and control of baths, water quality, detergent concentration, particle filtration, DI water regeneration, conductivity
  • Equipment with long operating life

High production capacity with multi basket transporter system

  • Fully automatic processing according to customer specified wash programs ensuring stable process quality.
  • Integration to preceding and following production steps

Remote connection for service, diagnostics and program upgrades is always a part of FinnSonic services

Cleaning prior to pvd coating Versa Genius+

FinnSonic provides solutions and services world wide

As a partner in your cleanliness solution, FinnSonic is dedicated to providing first-class products and services throughout the entire lifetime of the process. No matter how small or large the cleanliness requirement, FinnSonic’s range of products and services extend from single units to cleaning lines as well as factory-wide solutions.
Our recommended ultrasonic cleaning solutions for the manufacturing industry are the Versa Genius+ and Optima, tailored to your needs. Read more about Versa Genius+ and Optima lines.

What is PVD coating?

Cleaning prior to pvd coating detail

PVD coating (Physical Vapour Depositing) is increasingly used to achieve the desired wear, temperature and friction properties for materials. The coating is always applied to a clean surface. Any particle or chemical residues will cause defects in the coating, thus leading to process failures and rejection. The FinnSonic solution ensures effective cleaning of the various contaminants both quickly and cost-efficiently.

For more information contact our sales team. They are more than happy to answer any questions you might have and provide your with more details.