Cleaning integrated into robot cells

The decentralization of cleaning into robot cells has many benefits. However, it calls for solutions that provide short cycle times, compact sizes and high usage rates. FinnSonic has just the solution to meet these needs.

FinnSonic cleaning solutions for robot cells - fast, compact and durable

Decentralized parts cleaning integrated into each production cell can help combine machining, finishing and cleaning into an automatic process thus minimizing unnecessary handling, the need for buffer stocks and optimizing material flow in the factory. Additionally, cleaning the components immediately after machining can make the cleaning process quicker. It also avoids spreading the contamination in the factory. Besides cleaning components, automatic tools cleaning may also be beneficial when, for example, a robot is used to transfer tools between external storage and a machine revolver. By integrating cleaning into this concept you will always have clean tools available for reliable fastening and accuracy.

There are many kinds of robot cells. Depending on the application, the robot may have a variable amount of time available for the cleaning process. The cleaning solutions can therefore vary from robot assisted to fully automatic.

In a robot-assisted process the robot holds the part to be cleaned throughout the washing, rinsing and drying stages. In such cases the cleaning solution can even be based on completely modular units providing fast delivery at an affordable cost. An intelligent feature of the equipment is that the units are integrated through a standardized communications interface.

Fully automatic cleaning solutions for robot cells are more comprehensive with integrated PLC process control and parts handling automation. The benefit of these is that the cleaning process only occupies the robot for the duration of the loading and unloading of the part to a platform or fixture. With fully automatic robot cell solutions the washing, rinsing and drying stages are often built in a vertical arrangement where a lift moves the parts from one step to another. In addition to the compact size, this also enables the loading and unloading from the same point - often a desired feature in robot applications.

Robot cell cleaning

The cleaning technique must be carefully chosen in order to achieve the quickest cycle times. FinnSonic has a vast array of techniques available to optimize the process Communication between the cleaning machine and cell control is crucial for optimal performance and safety. Control interface options range from potential-free contacts to various control buses to meet customer requirements. The high usage rates of robot cell machines call for durable mechanical construction. FinnSonic's extensive experience enables us to provide you with the most optimized structures that live up to all these requirements. Our structures have also earned us a reputation for reliability.

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