Diesel injector cleaning

Particles accumulating from previous production stages can cause serious wearing of components’ surfaces and also block the flow of fuel in the injection system. FinnSonic's water-based ultrasonic precision cleaning line removes heavy contamination from the injector bodies and plungers, including heat treatment scale, machining debris and cutting fluids. After cleaning the parts meet the required cleanliness standards for a critical hydraulic test.

Diesel injectors

High particle cleanliness is achieved with FinnSonic’s SonicJet technology, which combines ultrasonic cleaning with powerful jet spray and vertical agitation (oscillation). The cleanliness result can also be improved with component racks designed by FinnSonic to ensure that the parts are in an optimal position in the cleaning process.

Oils and particles are removed from the cleaning liquid with a liquid surface spray, integrated oil separator and particle filters. Compared to single-chamber cleaning systems, the FinnSonic multistage cleaning line enables a higher level of cleanliness as each washing stage is dedicated to removing particles in a specific size range. This avoids the problem of contaminating particles accumulating in the washing stages - a problem that can very well be present in single-chamber cleaning machines. The level of cleanliness increases as the components advance from stage to stage in the cleaning process.

FinnSonic cleaning machines are designed to guarantee operator and environmental safety. The closed-loop particle filtration and oil separation systems of the cleaning machine not only ensure better result in the cleaning process; they also reduce detergent consumption and thus the operating costs. FinnSonic's USF-3 detergent is an aqueous solution that is non-hazardous for the operator, provides a high degreasing effect and boosts ultrasonic cavitation.

More features of the FinnSonic cleaning line

  • Full encapsulation with ventilation extracts steam and reduces noise levels
  • Stop 'n' Go automatic control for filtration pumps ensures full ultrasonic cavitation in the cleaning liquid
  • Automatic water refilling of the cleaning unit ensures non-stop operation
  • Intelligent cleaning program monitors the cleaning parameters during the cleaning process
  • Automatic loading and unloading conveyors can be used as a buffer for wash baskets
  • Automatic demagnetization can be optionally mounted on the loading conveyor to ensure that any minute particles will not be attached due to residual magnetism. Demag coils can be mounted around the loading conveyor without any increase in the overall space required by the machine.
  • A cooling station can be optionally mounted on the unloading conveyor to ensure that the components have the desired temperature after hot air drying

FinnSoncic precision cleaning


A FinnSonic precision cleaning line

The modular construction of FinnSonic cleaning lines allows for easy upgrading. Additional handling phases can be added if a need for additional capacity emerges or if cleaning requirements change. FinnSonic grows together with your production.