Maintenance cleaning solutions

FinnSonic's machines ensure that even demanding industrial MRO cleaning is carried out efficiently and cost-effectively. A good cleaning result is achieved through less manual handling, occupational safety is improved and the service life of machine parts, moulds and tools is extended.

Maintenance cleaning solutions for toolroom to reduce costs and increase quality

Moulds and tools are an expensive investment for various manufacturing industries. In order to keep them in good condition and prolong their lifecycle, they require regular cleaning.

As a faster, more efficient, and safer alternative to conventional methods, the use of ultrasound in mould and tool maintenance has typically resulted in maintenance cost savings of 40-50%. Read more about FinnSonic applications and benefits.

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FinnSonic maintenance cleaning

FinnSonic maintenance cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is very well-suited to maintenance needs because it is a fast cleaning method which is also gentle on surfaces.

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FinnSonic references


FinnSonic has been designing maintenance cleaning machines for various industrial fields to remove different kinds of contamination since 1979.

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FinnSonic applications


Save up to 40 - 50% on servicing moulds and tools with FinnSonic solutions. Read more about our applications: