Mould and Tool Cleaning

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Reduce mould maintenance costs by up to 50 % with FinnSonic solutions

  • Save time and labor
  • Maintain constant production speed
  • Reduce end-product post-processing
  • Get higher end-product quality

Performance and quality, build to last

Update slow and labour-intensive mould and tool cleaning to easy, safe, and cost-effective way of cleaning injection moulds and tools . Ultrasonic removes stubborn contamination from metallic surfaces yet being gentle and non-abrasive on the base material. Ultrasonic cleaning is effective and safe for all injection moulds and tools. Material build up, release agents, lubricants and other contaminants are cleaned off thoroughly without damaging the moulds or tools.

You can get up to 50% cost savings in mould maintenance compared to traditional methods.

Regular cleaning keeps the tools' surfaces free from damage and can lengthen the instrument's service life by up to 30%.

Moulds before and after cleaning

Save in operational costs

  • Fast cleaning with less operator input
  • Quick ROI

Get higher end product quality

  • Reduced end product post processing
  • No damage on polished surfaces
  • No rejects due to insufficient mould cleaning




Cleaned components


FinnSonic benefits


Plastic injection moulding


Mould plates
Mould inserts
Screwing systems


Thoroughly cleans burnt-on residue from mould cavities without damaging sensitive surfaces.


Rubber moulding


Mould plates
Mould inserts


Effectively cleans the stubborn media and release agent residues from mould cavities.


Die casting, zinc, aluminium


Mould plates
Mould inserts


Thoroughly cleans media, release agent and lubricant residues from mould components.


Synthetic fiber extrusion


Spinnerets and other spin pack components


Thorough cleaning of spinneret holes after pyrolysis down to micrometer diameters.


Plastic profile extrusion


Extrusion tools


Effective cleaning of burnt on residue without damaging extrusion tools.


Aluminium extrusion


Extrusion dies
Die rings


Accelerated aluminium removal from dies.




Stamping, punching and press brake tools


Thorough removal of e.g. Al, Zn buildup without damaging tools.


Aluminium coil slitting


Slitting knives spacers


Thorough removal of material build- up and other contamination with stain free finish.

Tools cleaning

Longer tool and mould life

  • No abrasion on surface
  • No blunting of edges and corners

Safe and environmentally friendly processes

  • Enclosed space for the cleaning processes
  • Ergonomic handling of moulds with baskets and hoists
  • No harsh chemicals required
  • Low energy and water consumption

FinnSonic provides solutions and services world wide

Mould cleaning ergo station

Extensive range of equipment for different cleaning needs and capacity requirements are available within FinnSonic technology. From manual single modules to automated multistage solutions. You can choose from vast range of options; from closed drying and mould surface quality inspection units to liquid handling options and hoists to lift heavy objects.

FinnSonic has been designing maintenance cleaning machines for various industrial fields since 1979. We offer complete process solutions including process testing, recommendations, chemicals, equipment, and support service.

Range of cleaning units to choose from

FinnSonic Corus HD is designed for manual cleaning whilst being cost effective for mould and tool cleaning.

FinnSonic Versa Genius+ is a modular, compact, and smart solution for multistage process requirements with a load capacity of up to 50 kg. Manual assisted and fully automatic solutions are available.

FinnSonic Optima is a flexible, heavy duty solution for multistage process requirements . The solution can handle tank sizes more than 10 m 3 and load weights of several tons.

The M series is the ideal choice for professional cleaning of small-to-medium sized items in small batches. It is perfect for maintenance cleaning in healthcare settings, opticians, laboratories, jewelry work, and in electronics and other industries.

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