Mould maintenance cleaning

Glass mould 848px

Glass mould. Left: before washing, middle: cleaned with ultrasound, on the right: sand-blasted

The conventional mechanical and manual method of cleaning of moulds and extrusion tools is slow and labour-intensive. At worst, it can also be abrasive and destructive to the mould surface. Ultrasonic mould cleaning is based on combination of chemical and mechanical cleaning and it is thus able to remove both dry and wet contamination. Ultrasonic cavitation removes stubborn contamination from metallic surfaces, yet is gentle and non-abrasive on the base material even as the mould goes through a countless number of cleaning cycles. Users of ultrasonic cleaning have typically reported 40-50% cost savings in mould maintenance compared to traditional methods.

Injection mould maintenance cleaning with ultrasonic methods:

Advantages of FinnSonic mould cleaning solutions

  • powerful ultrasonic technology
  • cleaning machines designed for heavy objects
  • safe and user-friendly solutions
  • extensive range of equipment and options for different cleaning needs

FinnSonic Ergo Station

Our mould cleaning solutions include single and multistage processes as well as closed drying and mould surface quality inspection units (FinnSonic Ergo) to facilitate use, liquid handling options and hoists.

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FinnSonic MCT ERGO