FinnSonic has been designing maintenance cleaning machines for various industrial fields to remove different kinds of contamination since 1979.

FinnSonic maintenance cleaning references

Plastic, rubber, glass

  • injection moulds
  • glass moulds
  • casting moulds
  • cold forming

Our customers include BIC, Bosch, Gates, Greiner, O-I Glass, Profine, Rehau, Wilkinson.

FinnSonic maintenance references

FinnSonic maintenance cleaning references

Energy industry

  • turbine parts maintenance
  • maintenance cleaning of oil pumps, gauges, flame arresters and drilling tools

Our customers include Fortum, Neste Oil, Wärtsilä.

 FinnSonic energy industry references

FinnSonic maintenance cleaning references

Other maintenance

  • chemical industry
  • food and drinks industry
  • healthcare and medical industries
  • wood and paper industry
  • printing houses
  • traffic

Our customers include Areva, AstraZeneca, Pon Power, Halliburton, Lego, Saint-Gobain.

 FinnSonic maintenance references