Tool cleaning

Precision cleaning of manufacturing tools can provide significant benefits. Fast cleaning reduces machine down time, increases end product quality and heightens occupational safety. Benefit from all of these advantages by using FinnSonic's water-based parts cleaning systems.

Metal working

FinnSonic industrial cleaning solutions for manufacturing tools - fast, precise and easy

Compared to traditional mechanical cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning of tools before maintenance can help keep tool accuracy at the required level for a much longer time. Regular cleaning keeps the tools' surfaces free from damage and can lengthen the instrument's service life by up to 30%. Ultrasonic cleaning is a user-friendly, water-based method involving no hazardous chemicals.

To carry out maintenance as quickly as possible, the cleaning technique must be carefully chosen. FinnSonic has a vast array of techniques available for systemizing the process, including the best cleaning chemistry.

Below are a few tool maintenance cleaning applications

  • punches and press brakes in the sheet metal industry
  • cutters and sawblades in the woodworking industry
  • anchor grips in the concrete industry
  • inking units in the printing industry
  • adhesive gun components
  • paint guns and rotary atomizers in the painting industry
  • measuring devices

Ultrasonic cleaning in tool maintenance is

  • fast – saves time
  • precise – improves the quality of the end product and lengthens the tool's service life
  • safe – improves the environment

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